Sunday, May 25, 2008


I am so mad and disgusted! I just listened to Tim Russett's MEET THE PRESS (Sunday, May 25) . I am for Hillary Clinton for president because I think she is better informed about the problems facing our country, and more able to deal with them. But the first half of Russet's panel spent the entire time on her missstatements, mistakes and especially critized the reasons she gave for staying in the race. NOT ONE WORD was said about her program, her solutions, her views or what kind of a president she would make. I think the press in general has not won any kudos during this primary season, but this was a low point. I will vote for whomever wins the nomination, and I strongly support the Democratic party because I feel that our future safety and progress depend upon turning around, if possible, the bad government of the last eight years. But I feel so sure that this morning's program, based on nothing about our country's problems, but only on how many mistakes they feel that Hillary Clinton has made, will NOT help us in any posiltive way to a better government. I have lost all respect for Tim Russet for planning such a presentation, and feel that this was the last straw in my respect for the press as it has operated in this election!!! It will be hard for me to have any joy today-----Marian

Friday, May 9, 2008


Well, the election has few solutions, and I don't know any of them. Therefore, I plan to think about other things. I'm reading Susan Jacoby's book, THE AGE OF AMERICAN UNREASON. I find it hard to read, but well worth the extra effort it takes to get her opinions about when, why and how we "dumbed down America". I'm also liking Geraldine Brooks book, PEOPLE OF THE BOOK. It is about a person who is stabilizing a very old and unusual book. By tracing down pieces of trivia like what one of the stains might be, she finds lots of interesting history about how the book survived the centurys. I have time to read today, so I'm having fun---Hope you do too. Marian