Monday, July 28, 2008


After a somewhat long rest, a big birthday, and a some house guests, I seem to have a renewed interest in the this blog. I heard Al Gore on Meet the Press a week ago, and got excited about his message. It is vital that we listen to it, but other than changing the light bulbs, and driving less (which we try to do anyway due to the high gas prices) there's not much we can do. But there are people who can, and I hope they are working on it as our President doesn't seem to be. Obama and McCain are doing lots of talking hoping to influence the voters, and Obama's trip to Europe and the middle East was of great interest to the press. Banks are failing, but there is still confidence in the F.D.I.C for most of us. Reporting from Iraq seems mixed: they're calming down, but still there are killings; their infrastructure is costing us billions but without much to show for it, and Kisinich isn't getting far with his hope for impeaching the president. So much for the news. Wish someone would answer me, so that we could have a dialogue----How about it? Have you figured out how to get joy form each day? Hope so--Marian