Thursday, January 31, 2008


Now, I ask you: just where are we as a government, going to get the money for the tax rebates to most all and sundry of our citizens in an attempt to ward off the recession? Think about that? It's raining hard here today; a good day to read. That's a joy---Marian

Monday, January 28, 2008

We're in real trouble with this election with the media attempting to dictate the choice in such an out and out way! While lots of people are seeing this, the Feb. 5th elections are coming too soon for their to be an up swell against it. President Clinton should, in my opinion, stay presidential in his support of his wife. I was happy to hear several say today that if we brought the combat troops home, we could pay what it takes to save our economy. Well, sleep well, and save a little joy for tomorrow. Marian

Thursday, January 24, 2008


This may be vastly oversimplified, but think about it. For several weeks now the media has been talking about only the economy. That's a good thing to talk about but what happened to our concern about ending the war and bringing the troops home? Bush and the Congress are thinking about pouring money into the economy to forestall the depression. Where are they going to get that money? Why not end the combat and bring the troops home, and use some of that money to save the economy? Well, think about it? Have some fun today--Marian

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More shots at the Media ---

There was a headline in this morning's paper (Democrat Gazette) that really annoyed me: Here it is: "From S.C. to Florida, candidates in quest for primary votes honor slain leader." I'm just not so blase that I think ANY of the people running for President of the United States would praise Martin L. King just to get votes. But the media wants to influence our thinking!!!

Also, I think the former President should be VERY careful about what he says as nobody knows what Karl Rove is doing these days, and he just might be out there waiting to turn anything Bill says into trouble for his wife. Anyway, it is my opinion that the former president really doesn't have to say anything to effectively back his wife. He just has to be there. Enough for today---Marian

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I am glad to be back at this "blogging business" after the long Christmas break, which, by the way, was a good one. But how about the election? It's gone a long time, and still has a long way to go! I'm worried that we, the people, are getting crowded out of making the decidsions, however. I think the media is doing it for us. They are makeing comments, writing stories, making implecations that say too much about what they think is going on. How many of you have heard how things are going: who's ahead, who can't win in S.C., who said things that brought up the race or gender issue -- all interpretations of what THEY think.. All of this long before the vote in any State. There must be hundreds of news writers, all of whom need to write a story with a viewpoint that we hear and read. Most of these individuals are subtly (and maybe not so subtly) pushing a candidate. I want our president to be selected by US, the people.

And there are the polls. Many, many of them, and their published results push people into changing their votes. What about outlawing the polls? But it is too late for election reforms like government financing, limiting time of electioneering, etc. At this point in the procedures, all you and I and others can do is to be aware that we are reading and hearing material that is prejudiced. We each need to think and listen carefully about the issues that are important to us, and really question what is said about them, and try to check the facts. We want this election outcome to be the best person for a very hard job of bringing our troops home, of re-making our image in the world, of working on problems of global warming, and bringing balance of opportunities and rewards to all of our people, and of managing our economy.

There, I have said a lot that I want to say. More another day. Have a great 2008, Marian